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Provincial Labour Office Phayao


Conditions much of Phayao. A plateau and mountains. A high level from 300-1500 meters above sea level. The mountains in the west. Northeast. Southeast and central provinces. Area is approximately 6,335.06 square kilometers or 3,959,412 rai has a large No. 15 and an area of northern forests. (From the satellite image of 2542) of approximately 1,503,174 rai, or 37.96 percent of the provinces. Trails and forest conditions are important, including miscellaneous wood teak wood wood Pradoe Macea rosewood tree sap wood cot favorite wood floors, etc. Phayao Province is located in the Mekong Basin and the Chao Phraya River Basin. In the Mekong Basin. Amphur Muang area is Dokkamtai Tue Jun Tue year of (part) and Echiyongcm Tue Tue Maejai the Chao Phraya river basin in the year of Amphur Muang Chiang Muan and that so little grasp of the river for Pluto. 

         Mountains are an important watershed Doi Doi Doi Phu Lanka mother cooked Doi Khun Mae vetiver Doi Khun Mae low. 

Doi Khun Mae swarm. 


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Contact the district near the north district padad and entertainment district, Chiang Rai Province. 

Contact the district south and Ngao District, Lampang Phrae two. 

East Road, China Contact John Lee Bush. In Lao PDR. District thawangpha. Bganhlwg Nan Province and District. 

West Contact Ngao district. And District Wangnuea Lampang.