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Provincial Labour Office Phayao

Do not be naive to pretend illegal recruiters. Working in France.


Mr. Manu Bunyakariyakon organizations today announced that General Department of Employment Department of Employment. Received a petition from people of many lines that are / pretend that illegal recruiters can deliver the work in France as the agricultural and gardening by impersonating the people find work that is to work legally. In France and accurately. The Department of Employment to review information about the position of France was also shown that no such jobs that allow Department of Employment or recruitment. Delivery in any way. And now France is the clearance to smuggle in foreign workers. To work illegally also. 

Department of Employment is to alert people to find the note. Do not be naive and persuasion may be deceptive because the property or pay money. However, now in progress to investigate wind monitoring the behavior of individuals. To continue to pursue legal action.