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Provincial Labour Office Phayao

Ssc. Phayao with the workplace affairs. Announced his intention. “Total power on to the TB and HIV / AIDS in Phayao province.”



        Health Ministry. Policy to stop TB is the main strategy. That must be completed within the year 2552 with an emphasis on cooperation with partners all relevant network segment. In the surveillance and search to include all patients with the target.

On January 8, 2552 at the Administration of Phayao. Phayao Province has announced its intention to organize the ceremony and announced its intention to sign. “Total energy consumption and fight AIDS in Phayao province,” a glowing complexion Ms. Bua human Phayao governor. A witness. Associate with the network announced its intention as follows: health services network Mon Mon prison Phayao Phayao Press Club. Club of the infected site operations Phayao Mon Mon Mon Phayao Phayao President Administration of network executives, health club president Mon Phayao Phayao Mon elderly resident village health volunteer club Mon Phayao NGOs teacher organizations. Mon Phayao network executives Phayao Health Mon.

Party Place for the network operations group consisting Mon Phayao Province Phayao Labor Protection and Welfare. Representatives from the company. Axalto and organizes – On (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Echiyongcm leather Mary K. SK Noah factor Dainippon Co. represents businesses in Phayao Province workplace. Co-signed and announced its intention to announce his intention. “Total energy consumption and fight AIDS in Phayao province” that will work with the following network partners. 

  1. Will provide the knowledge and suggestions to improve the working environment issues.

    Prevent TB.
  2. Promote knowledge about TB and AIDS. And defense group.

    Thai labor and alien workers.

  3. Arranged to filter and search for symptoms suspicious of tuberculosis among the Thai workers.

    And alien workers. Announced its intention to use this from the January 8, 2552.


In the Labor Protection and Welfare, Phayao Province. The Conference has said that. Group activities will support the establishment of labor is understood about the disease. Support facilities operations to treat employees equally. Privacy regardless of labor. If labor patients with the disease. Workplace affairs will help to resolve the issue.